Make your PDF alive with ShopGun.

ShopGun has developed a new JavaScript SDK that allows you to integrate your PDF publication directly into your website, without any use of iframes. It's a total game changer. In fact, this page is powered by the new SDK to show its capabilities. Give it a try by using your arrow keys or swiping.

Highlights. There are a lot of them.

Upload once. Distribute everywhere.

Using the ShopGun CMS you only need to upload your PDF to a single place. ShopGun will then take care of everything else - we will distribute the PDF to our own apps/website, and also your apps/website if you are using our SDK. We've also developed a service allowing you to syndicate the PDF to 3rd party providers.

Embed custom HTML.

You can now embed custom HTML directly in the reading experience. For example, you can make an intro or outro that includes a newsletter form, a link to download your app, or anything else. And as it is standard HTML, not iframes, it will use your website’s own font family, font size, colors etc, maintaining your website’s brand throughout the reading experience.

SEO juice.

People should be able to find your website when searching for your content. Because the SDK doesn’t use iframes, Google and other search engines are able see the contents of your PDF, allowing you to grow your organic traffic.


After the PDF is published we automatically start tracking key metrics, such as opens, pageviews, and offer clicks. In real-time. We can also provide custom reports, showing you activity grouped by zipcode and normalized by population - allowing you to see the true value of each region. You can even integrate your own analytics platform (such as Google Analytics) on top of our SDK.

Automatic offer extraction.

We've developed our own proprietary technology that automatically extracts all the offers from your PDF. This adds interactivity to the reading experience, so when people click on the offers they can, for example, see more details or add them to your shopping list/basket.

Customizable and extensible.

Our solution is the first in the world to allow you to directly integrate PDF's into your website without the use of iframes. This doesn’t just make the experience faster, it also allows you to customize everything, since the content isn’t in a walled garden. We believe in you having the choice. Our SDK is even open-source, allowing you to modify its behavior.

Getting started.

If you're interested in using our new SDK on your website and/or apps email us at and we'll get in touch. For more in-depth technical information check out our GitHub repo.

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